Worldwide Rally for Freedom 3.0!

Worldwide Rally for Freedom 3.0!

by Aneesh J,

July 17, 2021


Aloha Freedom Coalition’s first rally, with special guest Del Bigtree, saw the coalition sliding up to the public playing field. The second, with Dennis Prager, showed our ambition. With 3.0, we’re ready for our homerun.

The rousing call of this third rally is The Time is Now. If you got chicken skin when you read that, you’ve likely heard the name Dr. Ben Tapper, as that’s his timely tagline. There is not a second to waste when vax buses are after our keiki, when masks continue to obscure their free flow of air, when new variants threaten more societal upheaval, more businesses closed, more lockdowns … a never-ending spiral that keeps the public beholden to senseless rules and our puppeteers stringing us along for their own greater gain. The time is certainly now.

Dr. Tapper will be joining us live at Ala Moana Beach Park to share his knowledge that has all the complexity and authenticity that government and media dictates lack. Part of Tapper’s draw is that he’s not a polished politician or media personality, or at least he wasn’t until his fiery speech to Omaha City Council went viral earlier this year . Viewers can’t help rooting for this lone wolf as he stands at the mic belting out shocking statistics to a sea of cynics:


"America makes up five percent of the world’s population, yet we take in 65 to 70 percent of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs. We are one of two countries that allows pharmaceutical advertisements on the television. Yet 80 percent of Americans are suffering with a chronic disease from poor lifestyle choices. … When is enough, enough?"

His passion is palpable. In fact, he preaches his facts with such fervor that a patronizing voice echoes over the loudspeaker, demanding that Dr. Tapper “bring himself in order.” What we don’t know when we view this video is that a lineup of a couple dozen doctors had already taken the mic before him, one after another, sewing their endless seeds of fear.

Dr. Tapper has continued raising his voice against the onslaught of oppression and misinformation ever since. He has spoken at numerous City Council and school board meetings across his state of Omaha, Nebraska where he conducts his chiropractic practice and lives with his wife and four young children. You can also hear him on panels like the Health Freedom summit that he participated in this month alongside the likes of freedom warriors Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Peggy Hall.

The Ala Moana Beach rally will also welcome families to enjoy Aloha Freedom Coalition’s customary mix of musical guests, hula and VIP local personalities from across the state. The lineup includes accomplished MMA fighter Dustin Barca. The Kauai resident’s current opponent is the GMO industry. Another dedicated voice for Hawaii’s sustainable food production is Hawaiian activist, Daniel Anthony. Both will raise their voices for freedom from tyranny. Also hailing from Kauai is Levana Lomma, CEO of For Our Rights, a group whose mission is protecting civil liberties. Lomma’s nonprofit actively pursues oppressors of liberty with legal action, and she will share about her legal proceedings at the rally. Pastor Bud Stonebraker is again on the schedule, gracing us with his winning mixture of humor, impact, and insight. Additional guests are expected. Please check back for updates.

We look forward to a day at the park with you and your family July 24!

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