Why Would the Government Purposely Turn People Against Each Other?

Why Would the Government Purposely Turn People Against Each Other?

by Aneesh J,

September 23, 2021

Good question, and one that Ige, Green, and Blangiardi could best answer if they were honest and didn’t function under a façade of caring for their constituents. Or go higher to Gates or Fauci. Is it power? More money? More control? Perhaps, we need to examine history and ask Stalin or Mussolini the same question. We’re not sure of the end game, but we see something’s amiss.

Look to other countries a little further ahead of us in the “Build Back Better” trajectory. Israel, the most vaxxed country is also seeing the most social discrimination. Its citizens of unsullied blood are being forced to swim in a separate, cordoned off area.

Or look at Melbourne. Those not complying with harsh mandates are being bloodied in the streets by police. An elderly lady was knocked down and her teeth shattered, a teenage girl was battered, a mom was knocked to the ground and left disheveled, her panties exposed. Standoffs between newly unemployed, unjabbed workers and police have become a daily occurrence. The tear gas and brutality being publicly perpetrated against civilians is a blight on humanity. One policeman admitted, “You think we like enforcing these lockdowns? We don’t, but we’ve got to feed our families.” When push comes to shove, will HPD protect us or brutalize us in order to feed their families? This is the kind of question we need to be asking as our government constricts its noose against us more each day.

If the current world climate were about protection from a disease and about concern for human life, why are riot police battering women on the streets? They care about health and value human life so much that if someone steps out of their home for exercise, or dares to remove their muzzle for some fresh air, or refuses the unlisted contents of a medical needle being forced into their bloodstream, then that person deserves to be beaten bloody? Compassion for life is not part of the equation. This is anti-liberty. This is about control.

If this disease is so harmful that people deserve to be battered by police, why aren’t workers in hazmat suits collecting the millions of used and discarded masks that litter the streets? If it’s so bad, why are hospitals having to manipulate data to make the situation appear worse than it is? Why are we being told that those who have declined the needle are the ones spreading variants and overburdening the healthcare system, when investigative journalism has proven the opposite time and again?

Watch The Highwire report. It includes information backed up by scientific documents and data for every doctor and expert who speaks on the show. Look at Project Veritas’s whistleblowing exposés regarding an utter failure of medical integrity. And look at CDC’s own VAERS report that despite being plagued by a severe problem with underreporting, shows many thousands of deaths and hundreds and thousands of debilitating injuries from the Covid shot.

And while pondering these predicaments, know that Hitler forced the public to carry a health card. Guess who were the clean and unclean? Hello Safe Access O’ahu communist health pass. In Stalin’s Russia, upper society were administered a passport for internal travel within the country, while poorer citizens were deprived of such. Those without their papers were sent to a slow and miserable death in the country’s gulag work camps. Hello Hawaii communist vax passport. Remember that communism has devastated every single country where it has been implemented, killing hundreds of millions this past century.

Next time you’re tempted to call someone an anti-vaxxer, please point your finger at yourself and say, “Hello fascist.” By claiming we are something we are not, you are harming innocent people. Your name calling is mockery and condemnation of a fellow human being who simply wants to live in peace without the strongarm of the government rolling up their sleeve and jabbing them.

Instead of being anti-protestors, why not stop to ask us why we are protesting? And we’ll tell you it’s because we’re pro-informed consent, pro-freedom to choose, pro-health privacy and anti-totalitarianism. Don’t you share these values? Please don’t be manipulated into dehumanizing us and ignoring us or wishing us ill. Vaxxed or not, we welcome you to stand with us.

Standing against us will eventually cause you to lose your own freedom as well. When someone asks you to show them your papers, picture a swastika on their arm and a stiff, narrow stache stacked neatly under their nose. Are you going to comply?

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