Why the Anti-vax Label?

Why the Anti-vax Label?

by Aneesh J,

September 23, 2021

War and the field of psychology go hand in hand. Psychological tactics are used to demonize the enemy and influence public support for war. Propaganda posters painted Japanese as monkeys, invading lice, ignoramuses, or lascivious men out to abscond with America’s virginal women. In turn, the Japanese portrayed Americans as hairy, demonic, man-eating monsters.

We are currently in the greatest war human history has yet experienced and therefore propaganda is in full force. The insidious nature of this war is that it is so subtle that the majority of the planet does not realize we are at war. This war is eminently tactful, many decades in the making and has global reach.

Cultural psychology shows that it’s easier to write someone off when you view them as an outsider. You can more easily dehumanize someone when you’re the righteous one and they deserve punishment for not falling in line.

Well, guess what? That’s the definition of peer pressure and bullying. And it’s being done under the guise of the “greater good,” which translates to communism. When half of the country does not want your greater good, it’s time to shove that greater good into your own arm and leave the rest of us alone. Where there is risk, there must be choice. And there is risk.

This shot is an experimental drug with a high potential for damage. And weren’t you told to just say no to experimental drugs? Calling it a vaccine does two things. One, it convinces the public that it’s safe and effective like the vaccines we’re accustomed to giving our children. When the reality is that both its safety and effectiveness are hypothetical at best.

And, two, it makes those who administer the vaccine not liable. Once you’re injured, you’re on your own. Your insurance, the medical establishment, doctors, life insurance all have no obligation to care for or compensate you. Many injured have come forward and told their stories about being ghosted by their doctors and insurance companies and having to foot drastic medical bills for their debilitating side effects.

Those taking this drug developed at warp speed are the experiment, and only time will determine its safety, or lack thereof. So next time you call us anti-vaxxers, think again. We’re simply opposed to being society’s lab rats.

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