UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Quick! Page the Sierra Club!

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Quick! Page the Sierra Club!

by Aneesh J,

March 29, 2021

Well, well, well. Like wind turbines knocking endangered hoary bats out of the air like pinatas, it looks like tons of disposable masks are harming wildlife.

Recent studies are calling the millions of coronavirus face masks people throw away a ticking plastic bomb. Unfortunately, a new report from the Netherlands finds that bomb has already gone off when it comes to wildlife. A team of biologists is revealing the damage disposable COVID safety gear is having on the world’s animal population.

The problem is so severe that many state and county public health departments have issued advisories against throwing masks and gloves on the streets and parking lots.

Swampscott Police Department in Massachusetts has made unlawful littering punishable up to $5,500. “We need to contain the spread of COVID-19 and do the right lawful thing by throwing these items in the trash,” the Swampscott Police Department told its residents in a Facebook post, adding that it’s happening all over town and not just at Stop & Shop. “Please stop littering, this is making more work and worry for the people having to pick up this trash.”

Remember the good old days when we were freaked out about hypodermic needles winding up on the street? I guess disposable masks presumptively awash with COVID contagion are OK. Nothing to see here folks!

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