To Be or Not to Be … Vacksed: That is NOT the Question

To Be or Not to Be … Vacksed: That is NOT the Question

by Aneesh J,

September 23, 2021

When public discourse and headlines make accusatory statements about “anti-vaxxers,” they’re promoting a carefully crafted propaganda campaign. A campaign against people who want the freedom to choose, rather than allowing Big Brother to micromanage our health, our careers, our education, where we eat, where we worship, or how we live our lives.

The fallacy of name calling us “anti-vaxxers” is obvious:

  • We are not against vaccinations. Most protesters and our families have all received our childhood vaccinations.
  • We are pro-freedom to choose and against government overreach.
  • We embrace the many Covid-vaccinated who march in our anti-mandate, pro-freedom rallies.


However, in a hypocritical twist, society has fomented a fierce anti-unvaxxed campaigned. Because we want autonomy over our personal health and over decisions that could have life-altering affects on us, we have become the new lepers. Remember Kalaupapa? We don’t lightly summon that dark era in Hawaii’s history. Make no mistake that virulent anti-unvaxxed sentiment is creeping toward another dark era of segregation and discrimination.

Here in Hawaii, pure blooded kupuna (no DNA modification) are being told they can’t visit their grandchildren unless they get injected. Long time members of canoe clubs are being ousted by their closest friends. People are being uninvited from family birthday celebrations and weddings. City & County is revoking jobs. Restaurants where we have been longtime customers are being penalized into policing us. Dear Media and societal Karens, next time you write a headline or with a sanctimonious air criticize someone who has not bowed to the Moderna, J&J or Pfizer gods, just remember who’s being bullied and who’s the oppressor.

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