Please sign this petition to show favor of this case being heard by the Supreme Court of Hawai’i. Many cases have been filed regarding the integrity of the recent state election the courts are dismissing the cases without due process. We need all hands on deck to support the recent case filed on 12/15/22 to oppose the inauguration of the “elected” officials for Governor and Lt. Governor of Hawaii.

This document is a show of support, not a binding document.

The people of Hawaii believe that public officers…must exhibit the highest standards of ethical conduct and that these standards come from the personal integrity of each individual in government.” Constitution of the State of Hawaii Article XIV

The Governor and Supreme Court Justice had the legal duty to uphold their public oath to the Constitution and the laws of the State of Hawaii and failed during the administration of this inauguration and public oaths. The election has been contested in State courts, and the inauguration affected a transfer of the people’s political power to public officials who were not yet lawfully elected by the people. The installation of these public officials has effectively denied the people their right to redress their grievances regarding the conduct of the election and has sidestepped due process of law.

Petitioners OPPOSE this transfer of the people’s political power to de facto leaders and detest this blatant breach of personal integrity and gross violation of the public trust.