Prager Brings His Perspective to Honolulu Delivers Rousing Call: Take a Stand Now!

Prager Brings His Perspective to Honolulu Delivers Rousing Call: Take a Stand Now!

by sarath.nm,

May 17, 2021

Participating in World Wide Freedom Rally 2.0 was Aloha Freedom Coalition’s Honolulu gathering of 1,000 attendees May 15 at Ala Moana Beach Park. The lineup included music, prayer, song, comedy and a series of speakers reflecting on freedom.

The most prominent name of the day was talk show host Dennis Prager, making his Honolulu speaking debut. It was a small miracle procuring him: First, with thousands of daily emails pouring into his office, we needed to write a letter with a subject line that couldn’t be missed.

Meanwhile, his schedule books up many months in advance, and we were giving him only a matter of weeks. From one contact, we were told he was booked through the year. From another, we were informed that he wouldn’t speak on Sabbath. Also, we were concerned, had he seen the part of our letter where the rally was happening outside? Would that be OK for a man who’s used to speaking in an auditorium? And did he see the part where we clued him that, though HPD were on board as our protectors and benefactors through Rally 2.0, there was major drama with law enforcement at our first World Wide Rally?

Finally, t-shirt sales hadn’t given us remotely enough funds to transport Prager across the sea. But upon surmounting the many other hurdles, the opportunity was ours to lose. Passing up a critical thinker of his caliber, when the future of our health and independence is at stake, was hardly an option. Which meant launching an immediate and pervasive fundraising effort (we continue to welcome your needed donations).

Arriving an hour early, Prager gave his time graciously to the throng of fans that quickly gathered. Onstage, he was equally engaging, even as he imparted the clear message that we need to muster up the courage and take an immediate and unflinching stand against government overreach.

“Freedom is a value, not an instinct. The human race does not seek freedom, it seeks to be taken care of,” he pointed out. “Which produces a finer human being: ‘We will take care of you,’ or ‘You must take care of yourself and all of those around you’? If you want good people, make them free and responsible. … Our great demand is please leave me alone so that I can take care of myself, my family and my community.”

His messages were crisp in their abbreviated clarity. He noted the numerous discrepancies between fact and the steady diet of senseless propaganda being fed to the public.

“(Enforcers and those in favor of mandates) do not follow science. They follow scientists they agree with,” Prager said, alluding to the scientific pointlessness of masks outside and a large segment of the scientific community speaking out against lockdowns (did you really expect a truth-telling link to work?). He underscored the absurdity of enforcing mask or vaccination mandates on children when the disease does not affect that demographic.

Prager’s message couldn’t come at a better time here in Hawaii where family members as young as 12 are illogically and tragically being coerced into a drastic action that can’t be undone. The vaccine is a permanent procedure being given to minors whose parents are not properly informed due to the all-pervading culture of censorship that has drowned out truth and morality in America.

After speaking, he left time for a Q&A, and quickly had a line form, so long that there would be no way to answer every question. Giving Prager the opportunity to address concerns of residents made for some of the liveliest discussion of the day. Following his talk, he devoted an additional hour to meeting and greeting many new and some diehard devotees who had taken off work to visit with him in person.

Standing amongst us in his long-sleeved shirt and tie, an east coast accent sounding through the boom of the speakers, Dennis Prager, joined our AFC ohana. It was not his celebrity status that endeared him to us, but his values that resonated with our own.

On a day of social warmth and ha, the breath of life, birthplace, ethnicity, gender and political persuasion were irrelevant. What mattered was our transcendent mutual vision. Along with Prager, we want a hopeful future for our families, and we know that masks and vaccines won’t get us back to normalcy. Being normal will get us back to normalcy.

More pearls from Prager:

  • This is the first time in American history that free speech is threatened in the United States of America. What is the ultimate freedom? To speak your mind. Forty-five percent of young Americans believe in free speech, but not for hate speech. Then you don’t believe in free speech, you only believe in free speech for speech you agree with.
  • Free speech is so threatened that you are probably afraid to speak your mind on Facebook lest you lose your job or are ostracized at work. This is all new. Happiness makes the world better, unhappiness make it worse. How can you be happy if you can’t say what you think out of fear of losing your job or your friendships?
  • It’s a very hard thing to do in the beginning, but you will sleep better the more you say what you believe.
  • It’s a lie that this is a systemically racist country. This is the least racist, multiethnic, multiracial country in the history of the world. America is systemically a land of opportunity.
  • One way to make a statement is not to wear a mask outdoors. Wearing a mask outdoors is a way of saying I am following the herd, not I am following the science. Medical history was supposed to be private. Please understand the idiocy of you have to have a vaccine to work in our establishment. If the vaccine works, why do you care if I’m vaccinated? It’s the most elementary question, yet they have no answer. Even if you’re vaccinated wear a mask. If the vaccine works, you shouldn’t give a damn about what others do. Who are you to force others? Like children? Do we know what the vaccine will do in 30 years? We don’t know.
  • We are in a civil war. If we don’t fight now, we will lose our country.
  • My biggest advice is step out, speak out, and learn how to do it in a sophisticated way. The best is yet to come, but only if the good people fight.

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