PANIC WATCH: Carpools can kill!

PANIC WATCH: Carpools can kill!

by Aneesh J,

February 27, 2021



So the government Pandemic Panic Purveyors found a “cluster” of “infected” who, delightfully, were janitorial workers whose job it is to clean things. Of course, they did not “infect” any of their clients yet our corrupt local media continue to panic the public with breathless headlines.

“Investigators believe that the individuals contracted the virus from carpooling together.” Really? Thanks Sherlock. Note that the article does not mention whether any of the “infected” showed any symptoms. 

PanicSpeak stats:

“cluster” used 5 times

“Infection” used 4 times

Buried useful stat: “There have been no COVID-19 cluster investigations for Hawaii Island and Kauai in last 14 days.”

Mask up everyone!

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