Misrepresented by One of Our Own

Misrepresented by One of Our Own

by sarath.nm,

September 30, 2021

Hawaii News Now and other MSM news recently ran with a story of a “founder” of a Hawaii “anti-vax” group who changed his tune after getting sick with Covid.

AFC supporters have been asking questions, Is MSM once again lying? or Did a founder of AFC really sell out the group?

We value free speech and free will, so when news media ran with this story and Chris Wikoff made the choice to give them the story, we have mostly been silent. However, our followers deserve to know what happened. We also value medical privacy, so we will not weigh in on health details of his particular situation, except those already mentioned in the news story.

The Coalition does not question Wikoff’s freedom to speak to the news but his lack of integrity in doing so. Our efforts are wholly for maintaining freedom for all and personal medical choice, including his.

At this sensitive time in society, critics are eager to swarm out of the woodwork against us. Unfortunately, Wikoff gave them the opportunity.

Here are some points we take issue with:

  • The story posits Wikoff as representing the group. He does not.
  • Wikoff is quoted as saying, “We were told the Covid virus was not that deadly. It was nothing more than a little flu.” These are Wikoff’s opinions alone. Anyone doing their research knows that Covid has left people with brain fog, without a sense of taste or smell and has resulted in death, hence the ongoing discussion over a range of treatments. Renowned Covid doctors who have successfully treated thousands of patients, like Dr. Zalenko and Dr. McCullough, among others, have discussed tailoring protocols to each individual, especially with complicated or comorbid health situations. The Delta variant further complicates treatment needs.
  • The term “founder” is used loosely as dozens of individuals had begun meeting around the push for freedom. Wikoff was among them.
  • We are not an anti-vax group, though most of the outlets carrying the story headlined us as such. That term is used to influence the public into being dismissive of us. We are a pro-choice, pro-freedom group, which by default makes us anti-mandate. Many vaccinated supporters attend our rallies, telling us that they celebrate individual health choice.
  • According to the author, Wikoff blames his ill health solely on Covid. Yet the story mentions that one of the hospital treatments was Remdesivir, which itself is known to cause serious health issues.
  • Wikoff was interviewed at a time of extreme duress, after feeling near death in the hospital. We question the ethics of taking advantage of an interview with someone at such a delicate time.

We welcome volunteers in good faith, with the understanding that they are sympathetic with our mission.

We will continue investing our energy in standing against censorship and corrupt agendas, and instead perpetuate truth, freedom and aloha for all. Thousands of fellow freedom fighters have been sharing in this effort, with more joining us every day.

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