MASK KABUKI: Amid a boom in visitors, Waikiki also sees an increase in people not wearing masks

by sarath.nm,

March 25, 2021


Wait a minute, the state with the 49th-lowest infection rate in the US is seeing a boom in visitors arriving not wearing masks? Pinch me.

The state says more than 28,000 people arrived in the islands this past Saturday, nearly matching the pre-pandemic average for March.

The spring break travelers spurred the highest one-day total since the pandemic began.
It’s especially noticeable in Waikiki, where the beaches are looking like they used to ― packed.

Officials are also hearing complaints about visitors not wearing masks.

“I’m a believer that if you’re outdoors, you can remove it,” said Indiana visitor Glenn Day.

Many visitors still don’t realize there is a mask mandate in Hawaii and several said wearing masks outdoors is not a requirement in their home states.

“We carry our masks around and if we walk into an establishment we’ll wear one, and if people look like they’re uncomfortable with us around, we’ll put one on. But otherwise, like I said where we come from, people are really not required to wear them,” Wisconsin visitor Larry Dopke said.


Our leaders are using our isolation to hide reality from us — is there really a COVID health emergency going on?

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