Letter to Green: Rousing Scrutiny of Vaccine Passport

Letter to Green: Rousing Scrutiny of Vaccine Passport

by sarath.nm,

April 27, 2021

We carefully chose the word “coalition” in our name, Aloha Freedom Coalition, because investment in human rights means joining hands with others. We seek to shed light on the issues tugging our Aloha State toward totalitarianism, and in the darkness, to connect with every other beacon of light until we are again radiant with the freedom and aloha we once enjoyed.
Children’s Health Defense-Hawaii Chapter is one such light force in advocacy, particularly for keiki, Hawaii’s future. With a mutual focus, we present a letter by president of the nonprofit, Kim Haine, to Lt. Gov. Josh Green whose overeager vaccine passport program threatens to muddy Hawaii’s social environment, potentially ushering in a sort of neo-social apartheid. – AFC Editorial Staff

April 19, 2021 Aloha Lt. Gov. Green, We met when you were a senator, supporting pesticide disclosure and buffer zones between schools and GMO seed companies, and had a great discussion about influenza vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. You were a man of integrity and I saw your heart. But a lot has changed, and you have changed. I cannot imagine being in your shoes. It’s time, however, to do right again by the people and stop this unscientific, discriminatory, and unconstitutional “vaccine passport.” Hawaii is among the most treasured vacation destinations in the world, but there is no aloha in “show us your papers.” This digital identity is nothing more than the infrastructure for a total surveillance state. Is this really the future you want for your children? Americans are wising up to the slippery slope of centralized control by Big-tech, Big-pharma, and Big-gov, and will not allow this unprecedented attack on our fundamental human rights.
According to this Highwire report, the American vaccine passport may already be dead:

“Embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York were left hanging in the wind after implementing their vaccine passport system, before the ‘Great Reject’ began happening in other states and then culminating with the White House exiting the idea.”

Any such system still implemented may be plagued with legal action for that state’s foreseeable future.

As a physician, you are aware the emergency use authorization Covid-19 experimental vaccines have not been proven to prevent infection or transmission. They may only provide temporary, personal protection from advanced disease. The vaccinated can still be a source of contagion, just as the unvaccinated can—this fact alone renders granting privileges to the vaccinated through any kind of immunity passport null and void.

According to federal regulations (45 CFR 46), it’s illegal to force, mandate, coerce or incentivize participation in an ongoing clinical trial. Both the Pfizer

and Moderna vaccines are still in clinical trials until their estimated completion in 2022 and 2023, respectively. American citizens should neither be incentivized nor coerced to take any pharmaceutical product, particularly a warp-speeded, non-FDA licensed,

experimental, gene-therapy injection that is exempt from injury liability, and has death as a known side effect.

Vaccine passports do not belong in a free society, rather they are reflective of Nazi-era government efforts to segregate society into two tiers: the clean and unclean—privileged, with access vs. restricted, stigmatized, marginalized. Many people cannot, due to medical conditions, or will not, due to religious or other beliefs, take this vaccine.

Many Americans are becoming more vaccine hesitant with the government’s overzealous push to vaccinate on every corner. Amazing products never need to be given away for free, bribed with donuts, peer-pressured by celebrities, or coerced into getting by their employer. Within a free-market society, good products sell themselves.

It’s also time we stop requiring healthy people to prove they’re not sick, using the expensive, emergency use authorized PCR tests with “not for diagnostic purposes” written on their packages, and lab-manipulated cycle thresholds granting false positives when needed. If Kary Mullis were alive today, his invention would never have been allowed to be used to create “casedemic” control around the world.

We are no longer in an emergency. A new study (hyperlink https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/eci.13554) released by Professor John P. A. Ioannidis, a medicine and epidemiology professor at Stanford University, has found that the infection fatality rate of Covid-19 is significantly less deadly than once thought, registering at a mere 0.15% fatality rate.

Kids, especially, are not at risk of severe Covid disease. With CDC’s own statistics reporting a 99.98% Covid survival rate, and one in four U.S. children having recently attempted suicide, the continued inhumane school restrictions on

our children must cease. When Pfizer had only 53 minors in the vaccine trial group, the current Island-wide push to vaccinate our 16- to 17-year-olds is medical negligence, not science. There is ZERO long-term safety data on this novel mRNA platform. Top vaccine experts (from GAVI) and many other scientists, including the ex-VP of Pfizer, have raised valid concerns about the gene-

therapy vaccines and their relationship to thrombosis, cancer, genetic alteration via reverse transcriptase, infertility, immune escape (creating more dangerous variants), and antibody-dependent enhancement (enhanced severity of Covid disease in the vaccinated). Of course, the science here is not settled, yet the precautionary principle of medicine should be heeded, especially with children and pregnant women.

We recognize that our officials are charged with safeguarding public health by slowing the spread of infectious disease, but they also took a sworn oath to uphold such civil and constitutional rights as the right to travel freely among the states, the right to be secure in one’s person, the right to privacy and bodily integrity and the right to due process. One cannot be sacrificed or exchanged for the other.

It’s time to embrace the thousands of heavily censored and courageous medical experts from around the world, who embody their medical creed to “first do no harm,” and are calling for “focused protection” of the Covid-vulnerable. Early intervention, effective therapeutics, and the experimental vaccine are available for those who want it.

Dr. Green, lead and heal our beloved Hawaii. Join several other states that are breathing freely, enjoying smiles, hugs, gatherings, laughter, and joy: BEING HUMAN AGAIN. Most important, honor informed consent, medical privacy, and our constitutionally protected, unalienable rights. And stop harming our keiki—our future.


Kim Haine

President, Children’s Health Defense-Hawaii Chapter

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