Hawaii’s Election Corruption: Panel Discussion – with David K Clements

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Hawaii held its primary election on 13 August, 2022. Eight cases were taken to the Hawaii Supreme Court regarding the primary election. One was adjudicated in favor of the defendant, seven others were dismissed, without oral hearings, and all motions for proof of official records, oral hearings, and reconsideration were denied.


1. Does the Constitution of the State of Hawaii matter?

The Constitution of the State of Hawaii, Article II, Suffrage & Elections, Registration; Voting Section 4.

The legislature shall provide for the registration of voters and for absentee voting and shall prescribe the method of voting at all elections. Secrecy of voting shall be preserved; provided that no person shall be required to declare a party preference or nonpartisanship as a condition of voting in any primary or special primary election. Secrecy of voting and choice of political party affiliation or nonpartisanship shall be preserved.

2. Do the laws (statutes) of Hawaii matter?

State of Hawaii Title 2 Elections, Chapter 16 Voting Systems, Part IV Electronic Voting Systems:
HRS §16-42 Electronic voting requirements. (a) When used at primary or special primary elections, the automatic tabulating equipment of the electronic voting system shall count only votes for the candidates of one party, or nonpartisans. In all elections, the equipment shall reject all votes for an office when the number of votes therefor exceeds the number that the voter is entitled to cast.
No electronic voting system shall be used in any election unless it generates a paper ballot or voter verifiable paper audit trail that may be inspected and corrected by the voter before the vote is cast, and unless every paper ballot or voter verifiable paper audit trail is retained as the definitive record of the vote cast.
(b) The chief election officer may rely on electronic tallies created directly by electronic voting systems, in lieu of counting the paper ballots by hand or with a mechanical tabulation system if:
(1) The electronic voting system is subject to inspection, audit, and experimental testing, by qualified observers, before and after the election, pursuant to administrative rules adopted by the chief election officer under chapter 91;
(2) No upgrades, patches, fixes, or alterations shall be applied to the system through thirty days after the election;
(3) The chief election officer conducts a post-election, pre-certification audit of a random sample of not less than ten per cent of the precincts employing the electronic voting system, to verify that the electronic tallies generated by the system in those precincts equal hand tallies of the paper ballots generated by the system in those precincts; and
(4) If discrepancies appear in the pre-certification audits in paragraph (3), the chief election officer, pursuant to administrative rules, shall immediately conduct an expanded audit to determine the extent of misreporting in the system.

3. Does your vote matter?

The call to ACTION is for this information about voting concerns to become more public, to raise awareness, and to rally the people to become more vocal about the problems we are seeing unfold in Hawaii.
Americans and Hawaiians share a common bond in our love of the land and preservation of our individual rights.

The Hawaii state motto: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono or “The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.”
Its time to return to righteousness, and time for the people of Hawaii to voice their concerns.

Make your concerns known to your state government representatives and demand accountability.

Demand a valid election that is in compliance with the Constitution and Laws of the State of Hawaii.