What is BloodPact?

BloodPact enables individuals to establish their personal network of compatible donors, allowing for a more seamless blood donation. BloodPact is an innovative application aiming to redefine lifesaving blood transfusions by connecting patients with potential donors and giving them the freedom of choice where the blood comes from. It sets up the necessary infrastructure for individuals to create their personal donation network, allowing them to explore their options and establish what compatible blood means to them.

Who benefits from BloodPact?

The BloodPact App’s intuitive technology offers a solution that eases the burden on blood banks and hospitals while empowering patients to decide the type of blood they can receive. Through the app, patients can broadcast their need for blood, manage their blood donor preferences (i.e., vaccinated, unvaccinated, diet status, etc.), and connect with like-minded compatible donors.

Why join BloodPact?

Across the world, we are asking you to “join the BloodPact platform” to save lives. By joining this platform, we can move towards improving health freedom and advancing health equity by participating in networks of like-minded individuals. Just build your personal network by adding those you would give or receive blood – if ever needed.

How is Aloha Freedom Coalition (AFC) involved?

Aloha Freedom Coalition (AFC) supports intelligent, informed measures to mitigate the damage from Covid. Recognizing the necessity to build supportive networks, AFC supports the objective towards improving health freedom and advancing health equity. Since the pandemic, there have been disputes between patients and medical teams over the type of blood they receive during surgeries. Many unvaccinated individuals have reservations about receiving blood from vaccinated donors and vice versa, citing concerns over adverse events. Despite the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) saying there’s no safety risk and no evidence of the vaccine affecting blood transfusion, many patients are still worried and adamant about wanting “vaccine-free” or “untainted” blood.

AFC welcomes its members to join the BloodPact platform at no cost. Every individual that selects the “AFC Institution” as part of their registration profile will be granted a premium account for free. This will allow AFC members to build a vast personal network with no limits or costs. The BloodPact App is the first of its kind and a real game-changer for blood transfusion.