The Aloha Freedom Coalition advocates for the personal freedoms of all communities in Hawaii, promotes transformation and transparency of government, and supports the constitutional rights of the People to act, move and live in Aloha.

The Aloha Freedom Coalition was founded in September 2020 to unite everyone who has been unfairly treated by Hawaii’s Covid-19 government lockdowns and mandates.

We are UNITED IN ALOHA. We represent a wide variety of people and views, we love all the people of Hawaii, and we are determined to bring our island family together!

Who is the AFC?

Our Goals:

Honest messaging about Covid, based on accurate assessment of virus risks balanced against the full consequences and costs of response options.

Accurately assessed threats enable intelligent responses. We are not locked into an ideology; AFC is always willing to change its position in response to new data and facts.

What does the AFC stand for, and why?

Our leaders’ responses to Covid have been poorly considered. All of us are willing to pull together as a community, but we object to mandates that do more harm than good, that serve to promote fear more than health, and that damage our community in myriad ways.

Aloha Freedom Coalition supports intelligent, informed measures to mitigate the damage from Covid. We oppose mandates that are more about hysteria and theater than science and fact. We also object to the costs of mandates being unfairly borne by a small segment of society, particularly by those without a voice in government, or with little access to those in power.

Does the AFC have a political affiliation?

No! The Aloha Freedom Coalition welcomes members and input from every citizen of our wonderful state. We are not affiliated with any political party, nor do we plan to be.

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